Digital Platforms

PiSrc architects, implements, and integrates every aspect of the digital platform across heterogenous environments and technology stacks. Whether working with an organization first building out their marketing infrastructure, or one with mature and legacy systems, we'll show you the best way to enable your team and achieve your business goals.

Content Management Systems (CMS) & Digital Asset Management (DAM)

The CMS is the cornerstone of the digital platform. Serving as the owner of record for digital content, it is the main interface for content creation, managing authoring workflows, and publishing content and assets to public facing websites, apps, and third party systems.

In addition to creating beautiful brand-focused websites that are fast, responsive, and search engine optimized, PiSrc implements business logic within the CMS to securely monitor events or transactions, automate approval workflows, and lower the organizational complexity of parallel team collaboration.

Enterprise  synchronization of structured content such as PIM driven product catalogs, CRM supplemented user experiences, and ERP updated state information are among common integrations during implementation.
The DAM is tightly coupled with the CMS and manages digital assets such as images, videos, and PDFs.

Beyond the storage and delivery of digital assets, PiSrc focuses on extended DAM enablement through organizational taxonomies, delivery form factor transformation, CDN optimization, and AI enabled auto-tagging capabilities. In addition to free-form content creation through intuitive WYSIWYG page builder interfaces, PiSrc supports the use of form validated interfaces for structured content.

Enterprise Search

For many websites, search remains the most used, yet least effective method of getting the right information to a user.

PiSrc enterprise search implements semantic tools and natural language processing to anticipate user intent and optimize the relevancy of search results. User search terms can also be correlated with marketing and sales funnel conversions to create navigational shortcuts and recommendation lists. Enterprise search frequently includes faceted interfaces with dynamically updated filter group counts and extended and/or/not combinatorial configurations. Scheduled product catalog search index imports are also a common enterprise search activity.

Analytics and Data Science

PiSrc uses Google, Adobe Analytics, and supplemental application sensors to monitor website activity and provide critical insight over what works and what needs to be improved. But traditional analytics typically echoes user activity in the past. PiSrc leverages key indicators for visitor interest and content affinity in real-time to to curate unique lists, personalize user experiences, and make the most out of a visitor interaction. With PiSrc AI and data science services, massive click flow and content impression data can be integrated with transactional and conversion metrics to derive deeper insight such as prospect propensity scoring, user group clusters, and regression models for business KPI.

Marketing Automation and CRM

Email is still one of the most effective methods of marketing outreach. That's why digital platforms need to have marketing automation integration as part of the ecosystem.

PiSrc is adept at integrating DAM assets and CMS content fragments with marketing automation campaigns to ensure a consistent execution strategy and a unified brand message. Website form data needs to pipeline lead information directly into the CRM and Marketing Automation databases to preserve important user-state information, as well as keep track of marketing effectiveness and down-stream sales attribution.


E-commerce systems, including many cloud transaction services, are essential to online shopping experiences. Beyond shopping cart and transaction enablement, these systems are also used to surface product catalog information, compare features and attributes, and support subscription or recurring services. PiSrc further integrates these capabilities within the digital platform to provide a seamless user experience and open extended engagement opportunities with marketing automation.

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