Artificial Intelligence & Data

If you've got data, we've got answers. Collective intelligence, machine learning, and neural networks are available today. Our software engineers will bring state-of-the-art AI and data science to help you pull ahead. We are experts on the latest technologies using Cloud APIs and Cuda GPU deep learning for auto classification, pattern matching, visual recognition, anomaly detection, and predictive optimization. We leverage the right algorithms so you can make better decisions.

Large language models have opened up new opportunities for competitive business differentiation and customer engagement. OpenAI's release of ChatGPT in 2022 has heralded a new age for personalization, customer outreach, and data interaction. PiSrc is up to date in the latest developments, and a contributor to the open platform.

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Auto Classification

Identify hidden groups within and clusters to better anticipate everything from a user's movie preferences to suggested items in a grocery list.

Pattern Matching

We employ everything from regression models to deep learning solutions to identify patterns and help predict expected outcomes.

Visual Recognition

Facial recognition, image auto-tagging, video analysis, and text recognition are all part of this growing field of visual recognition propelled by deep learning.

Anomaly Detection

AI can alert us of anomalies to normal business activity and user behavior that can help us get ahead of disruptions and be ready for opportunities.

Predictive Optimization

Advanced algorithms and sophisticated methods of collective intelligence can help save time and money, and make decisions that are ahead of the curve.

Propensity Scoring

Website analytics can benefit from AI to develop propensity scores for potential prospects to buy a product or become a customer or client.