PiSrc Aperture is an AI-enabled DAM portal. Gone are the days of scouring through folders looking for the latest version of the hero banner (and finding multiple files named hero-banner, and HeroBanner2, Hero-Banner-final, etc. ...you get the picture). Integrated into your DAM workflow, Aperture labels all your images on upload with tags that describe the contents as well as embedded text. Aperture's AI backed image recognition technology (Quasar) also allows for smart cropping and auto-creation of AEM renditions. With Aperture's built-in gallery viewer, share all those smartly tagged assets with your team or the world.

DAM Gallery

Aperture supports gallery views of the folders that you configure in AEM, providing non-author users with a clean, browsable interface that can be searched.

Folder Slide Show

The folder slide show allows images within a folder to be navigated in a slideshow format. Additional controls for file download are available.

Aperture Video: Install, Configure, and Share!

Smart-Tags, Smart-Crop, Smart-Gallery

How It Works

Aperture integrates the best parts of AEM Assets with tools and workflows that just make sense. Once an image is uploaded into AEM, we provide an AI automation step that can be dragged onto the Upload Asset or other workflow. With some basic configuration into Quasar, these assets are then analyzed to create smart tags, detect text (including serial numbers, SKU codes, and other printed characters), and generate subject boundaries that can smartly auto-crop images for various aspect ratios. These cropped assets can then be stored as renditions to be used on the website, or power the image gallery. Aperture's built-in image gallery can then be used to expose all or parts of the DAM on an image slideshow or an entire image gallery. Enterprise options to detect logos and organization specific products can also be customized through AI model training so that images can be analyzed for company specific purposes.

Directed Learning

Quasar Enterprise

PiSrc Quasar and Quasar Enterprise leverage artificial intelligence (AI) technology to automatically tag and classify your images in AEM. Quasar relies on a general-purpose AI engine, while Quasar Enterprise empowers you to train the software to recognize the specific features that interest you. The software then uses this Directed Learning (DL) to yield even smarter image tagging, more accurate automatic cropping of interesting features, and automatic creation of AEM renditions.


  • How is Aperture different than Assets Brand Portal?
  • Assets Brand Portal provides a flexible option to expose DAM assets to partners and guest users through a remove SaaS service. Activated assets are replicated to your AEM publisher, and also to a remote Adobe Brand Portal AEM instance. Licensing for Adobe Brand Portal is typically separate from AEM and the SaaS based nature of the service entails certain restrictions on the concurrent number of users that can access the portal at any given time.

    Aperture provides a DAM viewer that operates directly on your existing AEM instance. Rather than a SaaS solution like Brand Portal, Aperture is more like a dispatcher plugin or extension. Leveraging the scalability of the dispatcher means that you can scale access to Aperture without the same kind of restrictions.
  • How is Quasar smart-tags and smart-crop different than Adobe Sensei services provided through Dynamic Media?
  • Adobe Sensei provides a comprehensive AI platform to add intelligent services across the Adobe Marketing Cloud. Smart-crop and smart-tag features through Dynamic Media provides a convenient way to adopt AI image processing capabilities. If you already have Dynamic Media, and your licensing includes Sensei services, enjoy! You can't go wrong there. Quasar does not require Dynamic Media, and utilizes an alternate AI engine based on Google technology.

    Additionally, Quasar AI image recognition provides enterprise model training so that image recognition can be customized to recognize specific brand products, logos, and objects. If AI enterprise customization is important to your business, then Quasar might be right for you.
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Why Adobe?

The Adobe Marketing Cloud is a consistent leader in digital marketing platforms and technology. With its powerful and scalable stack, AEM enables organizations to build strong digital foundations that scale and allow for further innovation with personalization, machine learning and AI. PiSrc has a team of certified AEM architects and developers that focus on the Experience Platform, Target, Analytics, Campaign, Magento, Marketo and Assets.

As Adobe Partners, we help organizations through strategy, remediation, implementation and support.

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The PiSrc Difference

Our architects and developers are Adobe Certified Experts with real working knowledge of the platform's strengths and weaknesses. We deliver fast and intuitive implementations that actually work. We specialize in creating bespoke user experiences that go beyond traditional segmentation to target behaviors at an individual level.

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