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AI and Data

ChatGPT has changed the landscape. It will be the driving business disruption over the next decade and companies who stand by will be left behind. PiSrc can help operationalize this transformative capability for the enterprise. Whether it is intelligent product search, contextual AI chat, or automated marketing/sales lead nurturing, PiSrc is here to enable your business. We work with GPT, as well as the entire suite of AI and machine learning capabilities, to enhance user experience and help surface the subtle messages in the data. Let's talk about how we can move forward with AI.

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Digital Platforms

CMS woes? DAM headaches? Irrelevant search? No worries. We are digital content experts. Our architects and developers are certified experts with real working knowledge of a platform's strengths and weaknesses. We deliver fast and intuitive implementations that actually work. We specialize in creating bespoke user experiences that go beyond traditional segmentation to target behaviors at an individual level. If you're interested in a solution that is wicked fast, CDN compatible, SEO friendly, and immune to ad blocking technology, ping us.

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Enterprise  Solutions

It's more than features and requirements. It's about governance, compliance, interoperability, and future proofing our choices. We need an execution blueprint that connects teams and technologies to form a coherent business impulse. We've worked to enable teams at all levels and across multiple industries to increase productivity and make work smarter. Talk to us for an experienced and unbiased POV on how to bring value to your enterprise platform by automating processes, integrating data, and connecting systems. Let's work toward a technology solution that will further your business vision.

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Why Pi?

π + source code = perfection.

What Is A Digital Platform? instrument of influence.

What is a Digital Platform?

A digital platform is the effective and integrated utilization of technology, content, and people to execute business vision on the web. It is the canonical source of an organization's public facing information, it's statements and claims, it's digital persona. A good digital platform lets us focus on the message and leverage our team talents and resources. A great digital platform helps us engage with our audience and build better experiences.

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Why is a Digital Platform important?

A digital platform is an instrument of influence. It impacts the way organizations are perceived, how messages are heard, whom it will reach. It is a kind of power— to promote your brand, amplify your wins, and shape the intangible factors that tilt the views of clients, customers, employees, partners, news media, analysts, governments, interest groups, job applicants, shareholders, and the public on which we all rely to grow and succeed.

What can AI do for my data?

Pattern recognition sits at the center of AI. If you have data, and lots of it, we use AI to sift through the noise, and surface the signal. What are our website visitors really telling us when they visit a product page, click on a button, type a search term?  Can my customers be grouped based on their activity? Is there a relationship to the weather, time of day, the price of a commodity? By seeing the patterns, we can anticipate behavior, optimize our goals, and better compete in the marketplace.

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How we can help.

The best technologies are the ones that are felt but not seen— a seamless interaction, an intuitive interface, an underlying intelligence. We analyze your data, automate processes, and design digital platforms that enable teams to work smarter. Lots of acronyms in this space—CMS, DAM, CRM, PIM, SEO, GDPR/CCPA, WCAG, ML/AI... yes to all that. Of course.  But we start with what matters: how do we enable teams to be more effective and solve the business problem?

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