Welcome to The Lab

Innovate with us
PiSrc values the spirit of invention. We seek new approaches and possibilities. We look for ways to make things better. The lab is where we demo some unique products and solutions, present out open source offerings, and provide key insights to our customers.

We are very proud of our incubator projects: Aperture, Formation and Fütprint. Our very own AEM Core Component library called DNA, which extends Adobe's core Component library, allows organizations to kickstart any website with robust and feature-rich components.

The Meta Universe has come to PiSrc labs! Our augmented reality initiative merges digital experiences with real-life interactions. Talk to us if you have an experiment in mind or if you'd like to collaborate on an initiative.

Watch the video above for our latest augmented reality app, Pi Blocks.

PiSrc Labs built the 3D Blocks game on the Unity platform.  Players use cellphones connected to Nreal AR glasses to play the game. Phone swipes move the pieces and tilts rotate the blocks.  Physical motion of players is tied to a virtual AR location and perspective. After initial calibration, the two players move to different locations but see each other playing the same game as avatars.

Players without glasses can use their phone cameras to experience the game. This interactive commingling of virtual experiences with real space represents PiSrc's last incubator project.